Cash Drawer Depot Repair

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If you have a business, accepting payment is about as essential as opening your doors in the morning. Without that, there is little point in showing up at all. Even with the rising prominence of credit and debit cards, cash is still often king.

CashYour POS cash drawer is probably very low on your list of concerns. That is, until it breaks. All it takes is a broken spring or a misaligned bearing and your access to your cash is gone. Or worse, the key breaks off in the lock and your security is undermined, and suddenly you are exposed to embezzlement and register fraud. Or you could be locked out completely.

Fortunately, cash drawer maintenance and repair are easy. Often, we can talk you through what you need to do to get up and running again. And if extensive repairs are necessary, we can have a replacement cash drawer sent to you even before we receive your broken unit.

The simple truth is, if you didn’t need something you wouldn’t have purchased it in the first place. You can always count on IST for fast, precise and skillful POS repairs. And at the most affordable prices.

Here are some of the many brands we repair:

  • MMF Cash Drawers
  • MS Cash Drawers
  • Panasonic
  • APG
  • Indiana


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